Frequently Asked Questions

Our Play Philosophy

What ages does the program serve?

The program is designed for children ages 18 months-8 years. Children younger and older than that age range are welcome to enroll and families are encouraged to try a free class to see if it is a good fit for their explorer.

Can siblings come for free?

Siblings under 12 months of age may join at no cost. Siblings over one year should enroll in the class, and a 25% sibling discount can be applied at checkout for full session packs. Please be sure to select the correct box.

If a sibling needs to attend due to a scheduling change (eg. day off at school), they can attend up to two sessions without enrolling. Families are asked to notify the teacher if an extra child needs to attend for a session so they can prepare any necessary materials. 

Can families try a class for free before enrolling in the program?

Families are invited to enroll in a free trial class on 4/5, 4/12, or 4/22 or attend a pop-up play date prior to the start of the season. Dates will be posted on this site when they are planned. 

Are refunds offered?

If a refund is requested BEFORE the season of classes begins, families can receive a full refund or credit towards a future class.

If a refund is requested AFTER the season of classes begins, families can receive a refund for half of the value of the remaining sessions in the season, minus 10% for credit card processing fees.

Are credits or refunds offered for missed sessions?

Credits and refunds not offered for classes missed by families. Families who subscribe can utilize their Tinkergarten Anywhere content if they miss a live class session.

If more than 2 sessions in one series need to be canceled by the teacher without rescheduling, families are eligible for a refund for those canceled sessions. 

What happens in inclement weather?

Decisions about whether it is safe to hold class are determined by the teacher using local weather guidance and a weather chart.

The teacher will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by email and text message if conditions are being questioned.

Whenever possible, the session will be offered at another time the same week.

How are photos used at MoCoNaturePlay?

We use photographs to illustrate learning concepts and promote outdoor play and playful learning on our website or in other materials/media. Before we would use any photo in that way, we would reach out directly to the parent of the child(ren) in the photo and secure their permission.

Parents often choose to share pictures of their kids at play across social media, as they do with many other kids' activities. Those choices are up to the individual parent.

How do teachers foster a safe learning environment during class?

Each explorer (child) is accompanied by a guide (parent or caregiver). Teachers support guides and do all that they reasonably can to provide a learning environment that allows for safe risk-taking.

Leaders bring a First Aid Kit to class, which can be utilized by guides (attending adults) if needed.